Burger Lounge – Design, Branding and More

Design and Manage Burger Lounge Website

  • Complete Website Redesign
    • While the brand itself is ever-evolving, Burger Lounge’s website was not. A complete redesign was in order to showcase the restaurant’s core branding and values across all pages. Now with a simple-yet-cohesive web presence and new content, the Burger Lounge website is ready to give guests what they’re looking for. Want info about the company? Check out the Ethos page. Interested in food sourcing? The Partners page highlights just how good BL is at that. Ready for food? View the full menu – packed with mouth-watering photography – and order up with a click.
      • Responsibilities: Developed idea, led project plan, designed entire site layout, wrote copy
  • Menu Page
    • People eat with their eyes. If someone can see a delicious burger before ordering it, it adds a new level of emotion to the guest experience. Burger Lounge’s old menu page had no photos and was very text-heavy. Capturing mouth-watering photos and presenting them in a clean yet craveable way was priority number one when redesigning this website.
      • Responsibilities: Developed idea, designed page layout, managed photography efforts
  • Ethos Page
    • Before this page, Burger Lounge’s ethos wasn’t captured in one place. It was pieced together in stores, on social media, and using word of mouth. Now, fans of the brand and curious consumers have a place to see exactly where Burger Lounge’s roots are planted, and what makes them tick.
      • Responsibilities: Developed idea, designed page layout, wrote copy
  • Partners Page
    • Burger Lounge’s food partners are one of the most important parts of their operation. Spotlighting where exactly ingredients come from is common these days, but showcasing particular vendors and what sets them apart can really take the “clean eating” angle to the next level.
      • Responsibilities: Developed idea, designed page layout, wrote copy

Ideate, Manage and Execute Company-Wide Marketing Promotions

  • $5 Pint Night with Modern Times Brewery
    • Drove incremental sales by offering a discount on our newest beer on tap, Modern Times Ice, and offering a collectible pint glass for the first 50 people to order one. The promo brought an additional seven guests per hour to each featured store.
      • Responsibilities: Developed idea, managed project over three departments, designed collateral, tracked results
  • Earth Day 2018
    • Donated all proceeds from the Organic Quinoa Veggie Burger – Burger Lounge’s most eco-friendly burger – to The Surfrider Foundation on Earth Day. Raised nearly $4,000 between all stores over the day, and about doubled the average amount of daily veggie burger sales.
      • Responsibilities: Developed idea, managed project over three departments, designed collateral, tracked results

Copy and Graphics for Web, Internal and External Marketing

  • Burger Lounge eBlasts
    • Create and send promotional email campaigns complete with graphics and copy that are distributed to a database of 80k subscribers. Emails feature upcoming limited time offers, special promotions, etc.
  • Table Tube Designs
    • Design engaging table tent/tube wraps for stores that share information about Burger Lounge’s partners, history and other processes that set the brand apart.
  • Menu Book
    • The Burger Lounge Menu Book was designed for employees as a sort of crash-course for menu offerings. It goes over each menu item, what’s on it, what makes it special and also touches on allergens where necessary.
  • Real Estate Deck
    • Created for the Development Team, this deck is used in presentations to potential landlords to give an overview of what Burger Lounge is all about.

Oversee Off-Site Event Planning and Catering Program

  • SoNo Chili Cookoff
    • Partnered with culinary team to enter Burger Lounge into San Diego’s most popular chili festival for the first time. Secured a news segment featuring the chili and promoting the event. Burger Lounge ended up winning “Most Unique Chili.”
      • Responsibilities: Helped developed an on-brand chili recipe, managed event logistics and setup as main point of contact
  • “Taste Of” Events across Southern California
    • Seek out and sign Burger Lounge up for applicable “Taste Of” events in neighborhoods our restaurants are in or nearby. Examples include Taste of Gaslamp, Taste of Little Italy and Taste of Larchmont. Each event is like an advertisement you can taste for Burger Lounge, as free samples are provided for attendees.
      • Responsibilities: Managed event plan and execution between four departments, act as main point of contact for event organizers, manage logistics (rental equipment, transportation, event setup).