Aster Hall – Marketing, Design and More

Revamp and Refresh the Aster Hall Guest Journey

  • Ordering Kiosk Guest Journey Mockup
    • Aster Hall is where hospitality meets the digital world. Guests have 13 different food concepts they can choose from, and their culinary experience begins at an ordering kiosk instead of with a cashier or waiter. Working around the kiosk company’s software restrictions, this guest journey was created to make the entire ordering process approachable and informative while still showcasing every craveable option to choose from. 
      • Responsibilities: Developed idea, led project plan, designed layouts, wrote copy
  • Third Party Delivery Profile Management
    • When COVID-19 took hold of the hospitality industry, it was crucial for restaurants to up their game in the 3rd party delivery realm. Before the pandemic, Aster Hall had a limited menu on one delivery platform. To combat the downturn, we expanded to three total platforms and set up new menu options on each one from scratch. With the help of respective support teams, we were able to delivery our regular guests the food they had come to love.
      • Responsibilities: Maintained appearance and back end of three party delivery platforms, assisted in developing special menus, lead all guest communications
  • Live Music Fridays at the Bar & Study
    • Aster Hall’s Bar & Study was one of the best kept secrets on Michigan Ave. Though the space had a handful of regulars, it lacked spark to draw the interest of other people in the area. Adding some soul to the space with a live jazz trio brought new bodies to the space and increased sales by 20% over the first month of performances.
      • Responsibilities: Developed idea, managed talent acquisition, led creative asset development, tracked results